Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pepperment: Helps with Weight Loss?

I found an article from my local paper about the benefits of sniffing (yes, I said sniffing) peppermint.  Psychologist Bryan Raudenbush says that peppermint, when sniffed, can reduce the urge to eat. 

When the participants in his study sniffed peppermint every 2 hours they were not as hungry as non-sniffers.  The best part was in one week they consumed 2,800 less calories then their counterparts.  (That's almost a pound)!

Raudenbush study also showed that athletes performed better.  They worked out at the gym longer, pushed themselves harder, were more motivated and less fatigued.

The participants used peppermint inhalers that can be purchased at health stores but peppermint oil can also be used.  An easy way would be putting a small amount on a wristband. 

So how well does peppermint work?  I don't know......yet.  I think that I will be a test dummy and give it a try.  I figure there are three things that could happen:

1.  I could lose weight.  (Yah)

2.  I could gain weight because the smell will make me want peppermint icecream or other peppermint desserts.  

3.  I could get sick from constantly smelling it.

There is only one way to find out, so you'll be hearing my results in a couple of weeks.  If you decide to become a test dummy too, let me know how well you did.

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