Sunday, December 25, 2011

Peppermint Experiment Results

The results are in on my peppermint experiment. (Drum roll please).  My conclusion is that it did not curb my appetite at all and although I did lose weight it had nothing to do with sniffing peppermint oil.  Actually, at times I felt like that peppermint made me feel hungry.  It was like it activated my senses and made my body feel the urge to eat. 

The oil is not easy to find but I did end up locating a small bottle at a local health store.  It cost me $8.99.  I would place a small dab on my wrist and occasionally sniff it.  Let me just say that people were giving me weird looks when I kept putting my wrist to my nose.....wonder what they were thinking.  More than anything I think I am officially sick of the smell of peppermint.

Overall, I think that the peppermint oil theory is a big FLOP!!!!  It was definitely fun to experiment with what to do with all that peppermint oil?

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