Sunday, November 6, 2011

Time Change and Walking

Like many others I woke up this morning HATING the time change.  Yesterday I had my son take a late nap and go to bed later hoping that some miracle would happen and he would sleep later thus being on schedule.  Boy was I wrong!  5:00 am came way too early.  This did not help with my motivation of going walking but (and this is a big but) I knew that if I didn't I would feel guilty about it all day and it would set the tone for the rest of the day.  I sucked it up and met up with a couple women from the gym. 

Although, it was cold we pushed through it and I am very happy we did.  We walked on the Canalside Bike Path.  It is beautiful and free of cars which makes it so nice.  We all pushed through the 3 mile walk and in the end we ended up beating our over time by 6 minutes.  Great accomplished for all of us.  Now that 5:00 am wake up doesn't seem all that bad and I think I will have no problem sleeping tonight!

If you were wondering I use an application called, "Endomondo" for my phone to determine time and distance.  I find it accurate and easy to use.  When hitting pause it shows your split time and you can save each time so you can compare your progress.  It runs on GPS as well, so it will map where you walked.  I really love this app.  I recommend it.      

Even though we were able to do 3 miles, don't feel that you have to do that too.  Experts say (no I am not an expert) that even breaking up your exercise into three 10 minute walks it is still healthy and beneficial.  So I encourage everyone to get up and get moving.  I promise you won't regret it.  And you too will be able to improve your distance and time. 

My next goal: Add hand weights.

Canalside Bike Path


  1. Sharon - what a great blog! I love your down to earth reporting and views. Keep it up I will follow your progress and inspire myself! I plan to pass this on to others because its good!

  2. Thank you and yes, please spread the word!!