Monday, January 30, 2012

Change It Up

Ok.  Week 2 of the Winter Weight Loss Challenge is complete.  I'm down another 1lb.  How's this make me feel?  A little frustrated (ok, maybe a lot frustrated) but I overall I think that the scale does no justice.  My body feels like I have lost more than the number on the scale.  Yes, I would of loved to see another pound or two come off but I can't say it is from lack of effort.  All I can ask is BODY, PLEASE RESPOND!  But onward I push and see how week 3 treats me.

What I find important in keeping the motivation going is changing my routine up.  I am the type that gets bored with things very quickly.  I can't just show up to the gym and run everyday or do Nautilus each session.  I would never make it.  Also, your body starts to adapt to the repetition and your workouts becomes less effective.  Here is what my 2 weeks have looked like;

Monday: Morning- 30 min interval training on treadmill
               Evening- E2 class (it's like a boot camp type class)

Tuesday: Nautilus or free weights
               Pickleball (it's a game that is kinda like tennis, a lot of running and fun)

Wednesday: Off or Cardio

Thursday:  Free weights

Friday:  Cardio

Saturday: E2
                Free weights

Sunday: Pickleball

I am getting in over 200 minutes a week of cardio.  I am also planning on adding a Group Active class or another group class.  With a variety of activities it makes going to the gym that much easier.  For instance, playing pickleball is very fun and you don't even notice that you are exercising.  Love that!

Anyways, give it a try.  Switch up your routine and try new things.  You never know you might like it.


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  1. Sharon, this is Wisty, from Pickleball. Warning, I am Terrible about blogging, will not do Facebook, am here today with no guarantee of being back. But, that said, it has been fun to read your blog. Nice to learn more about you. Like those photos.
    I think it is good that you have not quickly lost a bunch of weight that would be likely to return.
    I have been reading a great book - THE END OF OVEREATING, by Dr. Kessler who used to be the Surgeon General. The book gives very readable research results related to food, and most specifically what is being done to food to help all of us want to eat. For me, understanding the science of hunger, attraction of foods makes it so much easier to resist food I do not need. And already I eat mostly what we grow or local food from the coop.

    Cheers to you.